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"If you are lucky, you will be walking into a room with Neil Rutherford, a person who knows this complex art better than anybody.  And a person who loves actors with all his heart and who understands what it takes to make of an audition something like painting a beautiful miniature.  And certainly Neil knows more, for he knows the profound art that is to be found in an audition."

Barlett Sher - Tony Award winning Director


‘Neil is a charismatic man with an ability to make an actor/singer feel that he is really listening to them. His ability to recognise talent and give constructive advice is extraordinary and I have watched actors really change and develop under his guidance in a very short space of time. This is an outstanding talent and special to watch. Neil has a very real gift for seeing the potential talent in performers, and helping them find it. He has experience, boundless enthusiasm,

and a real love of his craft and those who perform.’

Mary Hammond – Ex Head of Musical Theatre Royal Academy of Music, London


"Neil Rutherford’s expertise in not only casting, but a comprehensive understanding of today’s current Musical Theatre Vocational training, make him an outstanding visiting tutor to our final year students on the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Programme at ArtsEd. The students benefit from his superb insight but also his holistic views on the needs of a triple threat Musical Theatre performer. We are very lucky to have Neil’s involvement and contribution to the course."

Chris Hocking - Deputy Principal and Head of Musical Theatre, Arts Educational School

"Neil Rutherford is one of the best casting directors around. He has enormous experience in the field and having been a successful actor he has a unique understanding of what is required to 'nail the job'! He has indefatigable energy, great patience with actors and somehow manages to see just about every show in town (and many out of town)."

Caroline Hazeldine – Leading Talent Agent


‘Neil Rutherford is one of a kind. He is imaginative, positive, intelligent and ready to give anything a try if he thinks it will enhance a project. He is hugely knowledgable, practical and great fun to work with. Having been an actor, (and may I say a very good one) he has a real empathy with actors which brings a great level of understanding to his casting work. In short he’s just wonderful.’

Hedda Beeby – Producer

“Neil is a wonderfully knowledgeable, dynamic and very well respected casting director. His personal approach and understanding of the industry from both sides having previously been an actor helps to put actors at their ease and enable them to deliver their best audition, which is beneficial to everyone concerned.”
Wendy Scozarro, Leading Talent Agent

"Not only is Neil amazingly organised he thinks outside the box allowing exciting new talent to be discovered... which is what casting is all about. Neil guides and works very closely with the director, striving always to fully understand his/her vision, which is essential to creating the 'right' company. Full of grace, charisma and charm Neil creates a casting atmosphere where actors feel comfortable enough to take risks and achieve their full potential. He understands actors on a personal level and above all follows his instincts... which are always on the money. 

Dominic Shaw, Associate Director/Choreographer KINKY BOOTS


"When over 400 women were signed up for the open call of West Side Story, Neil Rutherford handled the day calmly, professional, and with such great charm, that we saw each and everyone in that 4 hour period. No other casting director I have worked with would have been able to handle such a challenge.  Plus, he made it fun!

Joey McNeely, Award winning Director/Choreographer 


"Neil Rutherford’s credentials are as diverse as they are astonishing. In the audition process, he manages to combine the rare qualities of affability, wit and undying support for those people he believes are truly talented. His style is always cheerful, robust and full of acuity. I recommend him in a heartbeat as someone who would conduct any gathering (whether masterclass, audition or teaching) with huge commitment and energy."

Gareth Valentine, International Musical Director and Supervisor


"Neil was one of the best casting directors I've had the good fortune to work with.  I felt completely prepared in my knowledge of who was coming in the room, watching him work with the actors was absolutely incredible.  He really knows his craft and was able to get the best out of people at the audition. "

Christopher Gattelli – Tony Award Winning US Choreographer and Director

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