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When asked what I wanted for a birthday present some years ago, I said that I was fascinated to learn how to make books. As much as I love new technology, and read and listen to books on my Kindle, iPad and Amazon,  I’ve always believed that there’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. Undoubtably the real ‘hard copy’ book will disappear in time, but I wanted to do my bit to keep the art of book making alive.


What started as a simple facility to bind my own writing, the books then got noticed by others and I now receive regular commissions to make books for other people. Using old techniques of binding and stitching the books, each are hand crafted to the individuals specification, with gold foil titling on the front of the book. It’s wonderful to see the reaction and the finished books make fantastic unique gifts and first night presents.



It’s easy to commission a book - just tell me what you want! Choose your text, titling, and cover and I will send a pdf proof of the contents for approval before the book is then handmade. The two things I can’t do are pictures (there are better online picture book companies who specialise in colour printing) or anything that has copyright attached to it. Other than that, it’s up to you. Do you have a novel in side, or just need a diary? If it’s  for a show present, I can source non-copyright background information specific to the production, or you may have your own ideas of what to include and what you need.



I work a unique pricing policy. I’ll tell you the material cost, and then you pay that plus what you think the book is worth. A 75 page A5 bound book normally costs me about £12 in materials. You then add what cost you want to cover my time and what the book means to you,  then send a cheque and I’ll send you your finished book.


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