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Book, Music and Lyrics by Neil Rutherford

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There For Me Demo - Sung by Kara Lane

HOME is an original 4 part Television Opera originally commissioned in 2018 by Opera Australia,

with book, music and lyrics by Neil. 

Set over three hundred years in Sydney, Meilin - a contemporary Chinese Australian living in Sydney, is in love with her caucasian boyfriend, Blake. When her Grandmother dies, leaving Meilin a huge fortune from the family tea empire, the will also contains a condition of inheriting the fortune; Meilin must marry within her race. Defying Grandma's wish, Meilin and Blake move into a trendy apartment within Sydney's historic district The Rocks. But no sooner have they moved in, things start going bump in the night. Seeking an amateur medium for help, not only do they awaken the spirit of Grandma, but all the spirits who have lived in the building, going all the way back to before the First Fleet. 

Grandma's condition of the spirits and mortals living together takes them all on a journey of discovery with hilarious, moving and tragic consequences.

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